Top Halifax Cosmetic Dentist

Scotia Dental
The world is changing at a rapid pace and we want to change with it. To serve our patients well we have to keep up with changing technologies. We strive to keep up-to-date with current trends, research and technology through the ongoing education of our dentists and our staff.
Location : Halifax, NS
Phone : (902) 444-8550

Spring Garden Dentistry
At Spring Garden Dentistry, we can provide everything you need for healthy teeth and gums, and a beautiful smile. As your needs change over time, we can help ensure you and your family receive the best in preventative and restorative dental services.
Location : Halifax, NS
Phone : 902-429-1752

Dr. Jenine Arab O'Malley
Halifax Dental Studio is a leading cosmetic and restorative dental facility. We blend science and artistry, in the least invasive way, to meet your dental needs. Our ultra-modern office coupled with the latest in dental technology aid in diagnosing and treating all of your dental concerns.
Location : Halifax, NS
Phone : (902) 443-4111

Dr. Andrew Halpin
Dr. Halpin is a dentist who runs a patient-centered family dental practice. We function as the primary source of dental care for all members of a family beginning around age 1. We place emphasis on preventive dental services to preserve your dental health and prevent or delay the start of new dental disease.
Location : Halifax, NS
Phone : (902) 445-9255

Dr. Gene Jensen Orthodontics Inc.
Specialist dental treatment in Orthodontics for Children and Adults. We are excited to introduce you to our practice and inform you as to what you should expect from your orthodontic experience with us.
Location : Halifax, NS
Phone : (902) 425-6222