Top Scottsdale Cosmetic Dentist

Abbas Fazel, DDS
Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with the personalized, quality dental care that you deserve. Dr. Fazel offers general dentistry services, and particularly enjoys performing restorative dental care and cosmetic dentistry procedures, including all-ceramic crowns, bridges, laminate veneers and dental implants.
Location : Scottsdale, AZ
Phone : (480) 991-5077

Briggs Family Dentistry
They have been making better smiles for more than 35 years. Over the last 6 years, Briggs Family and Cosmetic Dentistry has been rated a “Best of Phoenix” dental practice by other area dentists. We make a difference in your life, and your smile makes a difference for everyone around you.
Location : Scottsdale, AZ
Phone : 480-948-7670

Desert Dental Solutions
Dr. Abedi and Dr. Ardalan are certified cosmetic dentists who help patients: Overcome anxiety; experience a healthier mouth and body; enjoy a straighter smile sooner experience a brighter, more youthful smile; and often in just a few visits!
Location : Scottsdale, AZ
Phone : 480-614-8000

Scottsdale Dental
As a leading Scottsdale Arizona cosmetic dentist, Dr. Croft offers an extensive list of procedures including tooth whitening, porcelain veneers, dentures and dental implant surgery to Phoenix and Scottsdale residents. Dr. Croft is a highly-regarded implant dentist with offices in Phoenix and Scottsdale.
Location : Scottsdale, AZ
Phone : (480) 946-3333

Glenn R. Foreman DDS
Dr. Foreman is a Scottsdale cosmetic dentist who has provided family dentistry throughout Phoenix & Scottsdale, Arizona since 1973. Dr. Foreman practices Scottsdale Cosmetic Dentistry and performs such procedures as Crowns, White Fillings, Restorations, Teeth Whitening, ZOOM Whitening, Veneers, Dentures and Dental Implants.
Location : Scottsdale, AZ
Phone : 480-443-3552